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How to Become a Certified Medical Assistant

If you thinking of becoming a medical assistant, you should do is be proud of yourself. Medical assistants are a very important group of professionals in the allied healthcare industry. To become a certified medical assistant, you need to complete a medical assistant training program.

Before you begin looking for this rewarding and in-demand medical job consider different medical assistant programs to get the proper training and help advance your salary and career.
You should also learn as much as you can about the profession. From knowing how much do medical assistant jobs pay and what are the career prospects to which are the best medical assistant schools for getting the medical assistant certification, you should be clear on everything.

This website provides you invaluable information especially medical assistant training. What you learn here will directly help you become a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) or Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) and be in a position to choose from a range of medical assistant jobs.

Medical Assistant Jobs Are Rewarding, & In-Demand

There are a lot of options for you as a medical assistant. From interviewing patients and explaining to them treatments & procedures to helping the doctor with the initial consultation to keeping records, the role of a medical assistant duties is diverse.

As such, the demand of medical assistants is great and you can expect a lot of medical assistant jobs.

However, you can only be in a position to choose from several medical assistant job offers if you have had very good medical assistant training. And with our help, you can be sure to get just that.

The Different Roles of a Certified Medical Assistant

Once you become a certified medical assistant you don’t just (ideally) have a choice of medical assistant jobs, but the opportunity of playing diverse roles in the allied healthcare industry.

So if you are the kind of person who likes to have a range of different things to do at work throughout your career, then being a medical assistant will suit you.

Salary Ranges, Job Growth Outlook

A Medical Assistant salary is quite attractive and on the rise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the minimum rate for a medical assistant with less than 2 years’ experience is $13.23 per hour.Medical Assistant Training

However, this can be higher depending on your location e.g. in Massachusetts you can expect a starting rate of $17.50 per hour.

On an annual basis you can earn anywhere between $15,000 and $35,000 starting out.

Medical assistants with about 10 years of experience can earn around $50,000 per annum and demand will continue to grow over the coming years.

To make the most of this earning potential however, you need to have good training. This is why you need to research medical assistant schools and make a well-informed decision.

When you get medical assistant certification from a reputable institute, you set yourself up for a very promising career as a medical assistant.

If you utilize the information provided on this website, healthcare institutes will offer you the best medical assistant jobs in your area.

Find A School that Suits your Budget and Time

You have quite a few medical assistant schools to choose from. We recommend you talk to the schools’ counselors and discuss your medical assistant training.

Obviously, if a school doesn’t have a counselor, it is a sign that it might not be one of the best.

Our objective is to keep you up-to-date with the latest, most important and relevant information regarding medical assistant training,  to become a registered medical assistant, certified medical assistant or medical office assistant.

Whether it’s a list of the best medical assistant schools in your area or news of a special training course that you need, we make it easy for you to learn about and benefit from the best opportunities.

While the process of obtaining your medical assistant certification is not essentially complicated, you will greatly benefit from counseling. Like with all careers, you should be careful when starting yours as a certified medical assistant, or trying to become one.

Some Tips on Finding the Best School for You

Finding your own way is important. People in the same discipline/profession often have differing motives and are driven by diverse factors.

With the right guidance you can, and should, figure out what you want from your career and what your approach should be.

We help you find more than the best-paying medical assistant jobs; we assist you in starting a career that is rewarding. And it invariably begins with the best medical assistant training.How to Become a Certified Medical Assistant

For instance when choosing from the plethora of medical assistant programs from the numerous schools.

A Key Tip:  Request Information from at least 3 Schools.
This will help you make a better informed decision and it’s free.

We do this by helping you judge the value of a school and/or program through various methods such as:

    • Talking to graduates of the school/program you are considering.
    • Finding out the percentage of graduates from the school who passed the medical assistant certification.
    • Finding out the percentage of graduates from the school who got medical assistant jobs soon after graduation.
    • Researching the faculty of the school/program. The right mentors can deliver best value, even without a sprawling campus.
    • Finding out whether the school provides its graduates with placement programs and/or help in finding medical assistant jobs.

A Medical Assistant Certification to Stand Out from the Crowd

As the medical assistant is a lucrative and increasingly in-demand profession, it understandably attracts a lot of people. And while medical assistant jobs are also increasing with the industry, employers certainly don’t select random candidates.

To be offered the best jobs you need to stand out from the crowd of people who have a medical assistant certification.

Yes, a certification from a reputable school is extremely valuable and many medical assistant programs are worth the time & money, you should go the extra mile to secure the best job.

Augment your basic medical assistant training with additional skills. For instance you should learn/hone your administrative and clerical capabilities. You can also add specific certifications for EKG machine operation, conducting diagnostic screenings etc.

These are especially invaluable if you are starting out with little or no experience.What is a Medical Assistant

The medical assistant’s job is an all-around one. The more diverse, relevant skills you add to your profile, the more marketable and valuable you make yourself.

Helping you Find the Best Medical Assistant Training Opportunities

We help you with the most important phase – finding the best medical assistant training available.

Right now, as you are about to take the first steps to landing one of the best medical assistant jobs, finding the right medical assistant programs is crucial.

It will determine how well you start, proceed and succeed in your career as a certified medical assistant. We put in a lot of hard and smart work into providing you the best information and guidance.

How to Find the Right School for You

The search box at the top of this page will provide you with a list of top quality and accredited schools in your area. This is a free resource.

It is recommend that you apply to several schools for information. Applying for least 3 to 4 schools will give you more comparisons and choices to make a better informed decision.

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