Medical Assistant Instructor

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How to Become a Medical Assistant Instructor

Medical Assistant Instructor

An increasing number of medical program need medical assistant instructors to train the future medical assistants.

The need for medical assistants is expected to increase at a very fast rate in the future. It is ranked as one of the fastest growing profession in the US.

Even though to become a medical assistant one can start right after high school. However, increasing competition and demand has made it imperative to obtain professional training.

Requirements of a Medical Assistant Instructor

If you posses the love for teaching and are interested in becoming a medical assistant instructor then here are the things that you need to consider and keep in mind when applying for this position:

  • Meet the minimum qualification requirements. Certification to teach CPR through your local Red Cross is an added advantage.
  • Get certification through AAMA or become registered through AMT.
  • Most medical assistant programs have a requirement for 3 years experience as a medical assistant.
  • Industry experience is an added advantage.
  • You can choose to become a part-time or full-time instructor.
  • Become a member of the American Association of Medical Assistants and get associated with the local chapter of the AAMA. This allows a chance to meet other medical assistant instructors and get information and connection from them.


Usually institutes that have nationwide institutions are the best to apply for a job as a Medical Assistant Instructor. Kaplan and Heald College are excellent institution to apply at.

You may also want to contact your local community colleges and vocational schools.

The places that you have shortlisted for application, offer your services for temporary basis as well. If any of their medical instructors get called on an emergency then you can offer your services to stand-in. this will allow them to get a demo of their skills.

Make sure that your license and credentials are current and up-to-date. Even if you are not practicing you must have a current license. To maintain your current license continuing education credits are important. AAMA provides all the courses that are necessary to keep the credentials current.


The national average salary in the US for medical assistant instructors is approximately $60,000. Starting annual salaries are around $42,000 and the higher end annual salaries are around $86,500.

A majority of the instructors are females with only 39 percent of the medical assistant instructor are males. The top paying states in the US are California, New York and Texas.

Working in the healthcare industry is considered a noble profession. Even though medical assistant salaries are not as high, they have other opportunities like becoming instructors to increase their annual income.

If you do not have the time to become a full-time instructor you can also become a part-time instructor. It gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with other medical assistant training students. Eventually it’s all about treating the patients in a better manner and assisting the physicians, so that they are not diverted over menial issues.