Radiology Assistant

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Becoming a Radiology Assistant

Radiology Assistant

The introduction of radiology assistant position took place in the year 2002 and before that, only radiology technicians and radiologic technicians existed. There were also licensed radiologists working with the imaging team that provided diagnostics.

With a growing number of old-age survivors and the latest technological innovations, the number of radiology related diagnostic jobs had also surged.

Sadly, there weren’t enough employees available for accommodating these positions. This alarming deficiency of radiology professionals called for immediate action from the governing bodies.

Salary and Pay of a Radiologist Assistant

Radiology Assistant Salary

People working in this field openly felt that there were none to slim chances of progress, so when the opportunity came, technicians didn’t hesitate in leaving radiology.

These people usually looked forward to being hired as registered nurses or physician assistants.

The only advancement that radiology offered was the learning of contemporary imaging modalities. There were no fresh featuring possibilities of growth or any chances of attaining an advanced level of tasks.

Hence, all these issues gave way to the emergence of a radiology assistant.

A Radiology Assistant is educated to work in close contact with a radiologist along with providing assistance in complex imaging procedures.

Radiology assistants can also help in making initial observations on captured images though their advice cannot be followed on an official level.

Although, any radiology assistant can play a vital role in helping the radiologist diagnose a problem simply by observing image quality, possible outcomes and treatment options.

Radiology assistants can earn from a minimum of $95,000 up to a maximum of $100,000 per year while an assistant starting off on an entry level position can earn up to $80,000 per year.

Requirements of Becoming a Radiology Assistant

Radiology Assistant Exam

In order to start your career in radiology assisting, you must first meet its requirements i.e. you must be a university or college graduate having experience in the radiology field.

To boost your credentials, you can also work as a radiologic technologist for a year, become registered i.e. obtain a RRT (Registered Radiologic Technologist) certification and then apply.

For becoming an assistant of radiology, you must clear a 5-hour exam conducted by the American Registry of Radiology Technologists or ARRT.

So, make sure that the institute you choose for radiological studies should be recognized by the ARRT before registering for a course. The clearance of this exam will provide you with an open opportunity of working in any hospital, facility or clinic that you want.

Job Tasks

As a radiologic technologist, you must be used to preparing patients for imaging procedures involving diagnostics and equipment operation. But as an assistant to a radiologist, you’ll be asked for preparing reports of patients going through the procedure.

Your work may reduce the chief physician’s tasks to some limit, but you should also keep in mind that your job description includes working together along with working alone.

You should be detail-oriented, organized and have communication skills that can get you through the day when dealing with patients and talking to them.

When working as a radiology assistant, you can come across x-rays that might contain nodules or septal thickening. These observations will pave your way towards a more complex job with increased professionalism and respect.